>3rd International Conference at Bangkok ,Thailand on 10-11 October 2016

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Multidisciplinary Research For The Achievement Of Excellence In Higher Education & Industry (MRAEHEI)-2015

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About IC-MRAEHEI-2015

The theme is meant to enhance the multidisciplinary research for the achievement of academic excellence pertaining to higher education & industry. The aim is to make the lives of common person easier through the application of various Sections/Disciplines by way of high quality research. Therefore, the MRAEHEI-2015 hopes to bring together academicians, scientists, researchers, specialists, managers, administrators, engineers, doctors, law experts, NGOs and students of all Sections/ Disciplines who have to their credit such achievement, to disseminate information about such achievements, and to provide a platform for discussing research with potential for applications in the service of mankind.

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There are following 8 Sections/Disciplines:

1. Agricultural, Plant, Forestry and Environmental Sciences.
2. Animal, Veterinary & Fishery Sciences.
3. Arts including Educational Sciences.
4. Biological Sciences.
5. Engineering, Mathematics, Computer, Communication and Information Technology Sciences.
6. Management, Commerce, Law and Journalism.
7. Medical Sciences including AYUSH and Pharmacy.
8. Physical, Chemical and Material Sciences.